Cabin Wood walk.

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Cabin Wood walk.

Cabin Wood walk.

The second in our reviews of the walks around the Cookstown district for you to enjoy.

Cabin Wood Walk Cookstown

3-star rating. 

Location - The location is just off the main Cookstown roundabout on the first lane on the left, off the Stewartstown Road.

Having walked Cabin Wood a few years ago, I decided to pop back and see what it was like in 2017.  I have to say overall I was disappointed in, the walk and that something so beautiful and close to the town had been neglected over the years.  With a little bit of money, time and care it could turn out to be stunning again.  Overall it took us around 30 minutes to complete the walk allowing for a few stops for photos etc.


10 points for anyone trying this walk out.

1    Watch the laneway in, especially as you get close to the car park.  There are a lot of deep pot holes and you could easily damage your car.

2    We got to the car park and the first thing that stood out was the lack of signage.  You simply don’t know where to go!  We headed down the towards the river and onto the path towards the castle.

3    This is not a walk for trainers you will need your boots or wellingtons, it’s very muddy in place and the paths are also very stony.  Also, make sure you are wearing long trousers to protect your legs.

4    You have to remember this is a walk by the river and in places the path has been neglected with nettles popping up and blocking the route.  At present, I would not recommend this walk for young children.

5    The river views are extremely pleasant, with the sun on the river and the noise of a running river, sure you can't beat that.

6    The amount of litter on the walk surprised me, I can’t believe people are just too lazy to take their rubbish home with them.

7    You head towards Killymoon castle, and then your path stops as you walk across a field, again a lack of signage but just follow the river.

8    Finally, we arrived at the Cabin Wood signage and onto a well-kept picnic area.  This would be an ideal stop for a picnic and a drink before heading on.

9    So it’s up the steep hill, with the pathway subsiding in the middle so be careful.  The views from the top are fantastic and make the hike up worthwhile.

10    At the top, you start to head towards the river and then turn left, into a field which has no path. Again you just follow the river back and then climb back up the hill onto the path.  The field is quite challenging and has nettles in a lot of places.

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