Safety Tips



The majority of our advertisers are trustworthy and genuine but it’s still very important to take common sense precautions as you do with anything you buy.

1 Deal with people locally, they should be from the district and you can easily meet them locally.

2 Never pay for the goods in advance.

3 Beware if the offer looks to good. The items may be stolen.

4 Use a bank draft or cheque for large amounts of money.

5 Get the seller to give you a proof of purchase document.

6 If the seller has a mobile phone, ask for his home address and home number so you can contact them if there is a problem with the product.



1 Always include delivery in your price

2 Make sure your description includes all the details.

3 Show as many photos as possible

4 Be honest, state the facts. Faults will be discovered sooner or later.

5 Don’t hand over anything until you have been PAID.

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