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  • S. McMaster Auto Repairs joins

    Monday 24th February 2014

        Garages Services - Vehicle Breakdown & Recovery - Servicing - Mot Prepration- Diagnostic Service S. McMaster is a well-established, independent garage conveniently located at 41 Shore Road, Ballyronan, Magherafelt serving Cookstown, Maghera, Randalstown, Magherafelt & surrounding area. At S.McMaster's we pride ourselves on our professional service, efficiency and quality of our work. Our teams of technicians are fully trained to the highest standa…

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    S. McMaster Auto Repairs joins
  • Floorboard joins

    Monday 24th February 2014

    Floorboard is a family based firm located outside Coalisland (just 5 miles from the Coalisland exit on the M1). Established in 1998, we have since worked extensively throughout Northern Ireland, particularly in County Tyrone and Belfast. Enquiries are welcome from all areas. Our aim is to provide quality flooring at the best possible price, with the highest level of customer care. Floorboard Cookstown is a quality flooring company with a strong customer focus. We have over 20 years&…

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    Floorboard joins
  • Enhance Systems joins

    Monday 24th February 2014

    Established in 2000, Enhance Systems started out as a bespoke Web Design company. As demand grew Enhance broadened its range for services to what it is today a Total Information Technology Solutions Provider. In 2007, the company opened an office/shop in Cookstown and began focusing on Information technologies and Digital CCTV for home users and small to large businesses including government. Enhance Systems has continued to expanded its facilities & services to accommodate the re…

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    Enhance Systems joins
  • Mid Ulster Rotating engines 1st blog for MYCookstown

    Sunday 16th February 2014

    In colder weather your vehicle is much harder to start due to the cold reducing the power in your battery, the oil in your engine being a little bit thicker & as a result it all leaves your starter motor requiring more power to turn your engine & if you have not got a good battery then the resulting drop in power can leave your starter motor turning much longer than it was designed to do therefore the heat & wear caused by this can all lead to premature failure of the starter…

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    Mid Ulster Rotating engines 1st blog for MYCookstown
  • Tullylagan @ MyCookstown valentines competition

    Thursday 30th January 2014

    Here are the rules if your taking part in the MYCookstown  win  a Valeniten's meal for 2 worth £50 in Tullylagan competition. The prize must be claimed within 10 days of winning. You need to like our page, our facebook post and share the competition to enter. The winner will be required for a picture when receiving their prize. ANYONE ENTERING THE COMPETITION AGREE'S WITH ALL DECISIONS/RULES REGARDING COMPETITIONS AND THESE ARE ON OUR WEBSITE AT

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    Tullylagan @ MyCookstown valentines competition
  • Carol Doey writes for the MYCookstown blog

    Friday 17th January 2014

    “The bigger my backside the bigger my handbag” that was how a friend of mine replied when I admired her new oversized, bejewelled bag one January…that was 10 years ago, and to this day, roughly around the 28th December I think of that statement. Why? Well isn’t that the day “us” with the weight problem realise that January the 1st is coming and we have to make that decision again, not, whether we shall join a slimming group, but rather&…

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    Carol Doey writes for the MYCookstown blog
  • MYCookstown tips for 2014

    Saturday 4th January 2014

    1. Stay positive.  You can listen to the cynics and doubters and believe that success is impossible or you can know that with faith and an optimistic attitude all things are possible. 2. Take a morning walk of gratitude.  I call it a “thank you walk.” It will create a fertile mind ready for success. 3. Instead of being disappointed about where you are... Think optimistically about where you are going. 4. Eat... Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prin…

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    MYCookstown tips for 2014
  • Carol Doeys first blog for MYCookstown

    Tuesday 17th December 2013

    I shall be like the Queen and write my Christmas speech for you to read ....maybe 3pm on Christmas Eve....  But before my good wishes, I feel it neccessary to ask all of you to search inside your soul for a wee bit more compassion than your normally show....this is a mixed emotion time of the year, some are extremeley happy and some are unhappy, If you have an inkling that someone may be needing an ear to listen, arms for a hug, or hope for the future, make a point of knocking their…

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    Carol Doeys first blog for MYCookstown