7 SIMPLE FREE TIPS to improve your website.

Wednesday 31st January 2018

7 SIMPLE FREE TIPS to improve your website.
   1 Get your business onto Google and check your Google analytics monthly to see what traffic is going to your website.
   2 Your website needs to be continually updated to rise up the Google rankings, this can be written content, blogs, photographs etc.
   3 Always use fresh content. Do not copy someone else written work or use someone else photographs.  Google will penalize you!
   4 Register your business on Google places and update that twice monthly as this will help your rankings.
   5 Check your website for spelling and grammar. Your website is open 24 hours a day and reflects your business.
   6 Answer your emails within 24 hours and turn those potential customers into sales.
   7 Learn how to use Google analytics and watch how people interact with your website. This information will allow you to make monthly  changes to improve your site.
For more information contact alan@mycookstown.com

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