A walk at MUSA Cookstown

Wednesday 20th September 2017

A walk at MUSA Cookstown

Keeping Fit and Healthy about Cookstown

As the evenings get a little nippier and our favourite autumn TV shows start up it’s oh so easy to snuggle up with a cup of tea and settle ourselves in for the evening but let’s not waste all that work you put into staying active over the summer! Pull on a coat and scarf if need be, get out walking and you’ll soon warm up. Cookstown offers some fantastic walks and parks to take the kids to or grab a mate for a gossip on the run.

If you’re getting in from work late Loughry College Sports arena is a great facility which provides a safe and lit up sports area as well as a public carpark. Located on the Tullywiggan Road the centre provides a walk that covers a trial encircling football and all weather pitches. Walk it, jog it and beat your time each week! Compared to more nature based walks in Cookstown this walk provides a good opportunity for self motivation and setting timed or personal goals for fitness. This walk is definitely a useful one for getting out and active on a cold night. 

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