A walk at Springhill.

Wednesday 23rd August 2017

A walk at Springhill.

A walk in Cookstown

Springhill- A trail for everyone!

4 star review

Springhill provides the surrounding community of Cookstown with an abundance of things to do within its grounds from educational workshops to its dog friendly tea room but most of all it offers a splendid walk around its grounds. You can begin your walk from either end of the beautiful 17th century Plantation house. It might only be a twenty-minute walk of 0.4km but this makes for a convenient walk for either a quick walk or one that can be made longer with a few trips around. You won’t mind a few trips around as there is so much to see on the grounds starting with the fascinating vegetation of beech trees, giant oaks, protected snow-drops and blue bells and an array of flowering delights.

The walk provides a wonderful opportunity for some family time as it is very child friendly. The walk has open areas but mostly the trail takes you through the grounds through a natural tree barrier on one side and a secure fence on the other so you can feel assured that your children are safe. What family walk wouldn’t be complete without a play park...the natural play park built of natural materials and fixed play elements with tree trunks and willow structures park provide fun for all ages.

Something special- a key feature of Springhill grounds is its tower which was actually the old mill. As you come upon the tower you will find a stone inscribed with the date it was built-1731. You are free to walk around and through the tower which makes for an adventure that lights up the imagination of the little ones.

Dog lovers sanctuary- the trail is safe and free for dog walkers to use and a wonderful feature is that the café is dog friendly so at the end of your walk you and your pup can enjoy tea and scones!


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