Join the team at McDonalds Cookstown

Wednesday 18th January 2017

Join the team at McDonalds Cookstown

McDonald’s is probably the world’s largest franchise with almost 37,000 restaurants worldwide and employing over 420,000 people. Gone are the days when they were only found in large cities, almost every town has a McDonald’s now. McDonald’s arrived in Cookstown in 2000 and had its latest re-vamp just last month. With a new, modern, airy interior, it makes for a happy work place as well as a more appealing place to eat.

With over 80 staff and with the hope of employing a further 15 crew members by March, the Cookstown franchise is hitting all the right notes. With 43,000 customers in December and already clocking up an average of over 10,000 per week in January, it is most definitely a fast paced environment with fantastic opportunities, with 90% of the work force starting as crew and working their way up.

McDonald’s Cookstown provide quality training , you’ll get an understanding of hierarchy and teamwork .You will learn accountability and good work ethic, all of which will help you in your future career, whether with McDonald’s or elsewhere.  People tend to take a job with McDonald’s for all sorts of reasons. Often it is to earn some extra cash or have a flexible job that fits around college or childcare.  Once people start working for McDonald’s they tend to stay because it’s fun, sociable and flexible. You also get the chance to progress into roles with more responsibility and opportunities to work in other branches.

As well as making great food McDonald’s are also environmentally friendly, sourcing local products were possible, recycling packaging, keeping local areas clean and litter free, recycling food waste and working towards their goal of sending zero waste to landfills. McDonald’s also has its own independent charity called the Ronald McDonald House Charity. This charity provides “home away from home” accommodation for families with children in hospitals across the UK, helping to keep the whole family together during what can be an extremely stressful time. So, as well as a great place for a treat, McDonald’s is also busy giving something back to the community.

If you think you have what it takes to become a valued member of McDonald’s staff, Claire at the Cookstown franchise would love to hear from you. Job applications are available online at …..


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