Motion Media Cookstown join up to

Wednesday 15th May 2013

Motion Media Cookstown join up to

MYCookstown are delighted to announce that Motion Media have now joined up to


Motion Media cover all aspects of the videography media market!

However, we do specialise in weddings and having filmed 100s over the years you can trust us to capture your big day and create memories for you to treasure for a life time. When you book your wedding with Motion Media you will get:
- guest interviews
- honeymoon diary
- radio microphones
- your choice of music
- blu-ray disc available
- multi-camera capture
- professional & unobtrusive
Motion Media can also carry out your business media needs. Why not create a short video to showcase your company, product, service and even customer testimonials. Get in touch to discuss your needs and we will ensure to help make your idea come to life!

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